Adventure Services

  • Packages are priced per day (i.e. a 4 day destination guide would be $140).

  • Prices are based on a group size of up to 5. For larger groups, please reach out directly.

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Destination Guides

This package is best for individuals who are looking to simplify their research on a destination of choice by receiving a neatly organized starting point for planning their trip. Taking into consideration dietary needs, length of stay, style of travel, as well as cost, we can provide you with the perfect jumping off point for your next adventure. For $35 per day of your adventure, you will receive:

  • Curated background information on the destination of your choice

  • Must See Highlights for the destination including top:

    • Food and restaurants to try

    • Sites to see

    • Best places to take photographs

    • Recommended neighborhoods to explore

    • Ideal locations to find accommodation

    • Basic destination transportation information

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Curated Itineraries

This package is best for individuals who want to take the guess-work out of their day-to-day adventure plans. Just wake up and follow our details-oriented itinerary made just for you! For $65 per day of your adventure, you will receive a daily specific planner which includes:

  • All of the country specific information provided in the adventure pack

  • Two 30-minute consultation sessions to fine-tune your adventure (a $100 value!)

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant information, including menu highlights and booking information curated to your interests and dietary needs

  • Morning, afternoon and evening activity plans, personalized to your specific interests in the destination (museum focus, hiking focus, etc)

  • Transportation recommendations on how to get around

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Add-On Services

For those looking for a little more help in their travel plans.

Phone Consultations

Just want to talk to a travel expert about your ideas and get some sounding-board feedback? This option is for you. Available in half hour increments (at $50/hr), we help you flesh out your ideas about your ideal trip. This would be for you if:

  • You are new to travel and want to know how to get started

  • Have some basic ideas about what you want to do, but want to learn more about feasibility and logistics without doing the heavy lifting yourself

  • Have specific questions about travel in a certain region of the world or type of travel (solo-female travel, backpacking style travel, etc).

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